From first kicks to first steps, the doulas at Chicago birth & baby support you through it all.

We are Chicago's unparalleled experts in birth & parenting, and we recognize your family's needs during this exciting transition. Our doulas share in your anticipation, connect with you and your partner to anticipate your needs, and recognize your family's values.

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"During the delivery, Kate was a supportive and calming presence, and she worked seamlessly with my doctor and nurses to ensure my needs were being met."

-Anita C.

We support our clients as individuals, and our seasoned birth and postpartum professionals understand the care you need and the importance of this bonding experience. Our partnerships with Chicago-based hospitals, Chicago OBs and midwives, and other area professionals instill confidence that your birth team is cohesive and reliable.



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Make memories with us.

You are in the midst of an exciting time! Create support that leaves you feeling confident about your parenting philosophy and privy to the most up-to-date resources. We provide day and night support for your recovery from birth, sibling and partner adjustment, sleep transitions, infant feeding and household management, from the first night you spend together to the end of the first year. And you can trust in us that we will handle your placenta encapsulation with the utmost safety and discretion.




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Client service is paramount to the support Chicago Birth & Baby and our doulas provide. From the moment you sign a contract with us, we're just a phone call or an email away.

Socialize with other parents through group childbirth education, or enjoy the privacy of personalized childbirth education in the comfort of your own home. 

Our individualized baby concierge service can help you plan the perfect registry or nursery or round out what you've already started.

We recognize the importance of discretion, and the details of your birth and parenting experience are safe with us.