Shop Small Series: Pearachute

What can I do with my toddler in the winter in Chicago?

How do I play with my baby?

Pearachute has the answers for you!

For a small subscription fee, you can "discover, book, and drop in to the best kid classes near you, all at the push of a button."

It's important for your sanity to get out of the house, particularly through Chicago's long winters, but it can be hard to find classes and events that work with your schedule and are conveniently located. Pearachute does the work for you by enabling you to filter search results by age, activity, neighborhood, and more. Booking is quick and easy--no forms to fill out, just click a button and drop in. 

Some of our client favorites featured on Pearachute include Little Beans Cafe, Stomp & Shout, and Bubbles Academy.

For our families with more than one child, sibling discounts are available, and rest assured that for those crazy months you can't even make it to just a few classes, your unused classes roll over to the next month.