Become a Doula

When I decided to become a doula, I googled “doula training” and picked one of the first hits. There was a workshop coming to Chicago in a few weeks--great! I registered, paid, and made my way through the required reading list.

I was excited when I left but had no idea how to implement the skills I had learned. I figured it out, though, and I think I did a great job supporting even those first few clients. Time and experience made me a better doula and a better business owner.

But let me tell you something: after nearly five years of doula work, I came to find out that there was another way to become a better doula--to become a doula with ProDoula.

I was initially attracted to ProDoula for their support of doulas as business owners in a Facebook group. Over time, I realized that this doula certifying organization was far more than just business advice. I attended their Advanced Business Training Workshop and a Postpartum Doula Training in 2015, and as a new agency owner that very same year, I was beginning to see just how much my doulas who had been trained with ProDoula had to offer. But it wasn’t until I attended a Labor Doula Trainingthat I realized how drastic the difference was between ProDoula and other training organizations, probably because it was the only training I had also done with a different organization. I walked away from that training having learned quite a bit, which is impressive considering I have been a doula for nearly five years, am an RN, and am a year away from being a certified nurse midwife. But more than what I learned, I walked away feeling empowered. 

And that’s exactly what ProDoula does: empowers doulas so that they can be amazing, non-judgmental support for their clients.

When I looked over ProDoula’s packet for Labor Doula Certification, I was IMPRESSED. I am astounded at how much better I would have been prepared as a new doula if I had chosen ProDoula for training and certification the first time around.

Here at The Chicago Doulas, I choose ProDoula as the organization I trust to train my doulas. 

I know that the doulas that work for The Chicago Doulas possess professionalism, attunement to clients’ needs, reliability, and familiarity with educational resources that far exceeds that of other doulas, whether it’s their first birth or they’ve been to several hundred.ProDoula is the only doula certifying body with a standardized curriculum so I am assured that clients working with multiple doulas in the agency will receive consistent care and attention. It’s also the only doula training organization I have come across that does not have a philosophy about birth and parenting, something that The Chicago Doulas embraces.

And that’s why, when I meet someone who wants to become a (better) doula, I tell them all about ProDoula.