The Chicago Doulas & Social Media

Hopefully you’ve never seen it, but there’s a good chance you have: a doula tags her location at a hospital and posts, “Congrats to a wonderful family on the birth of their baby boy today!”

Although the sentiment is nice, you’ll never see one of The Chicago Doulas sharing information on social media about clients.

Truthfully, even though the above example seems innocent and anonymous, we all know how social media works and its totally possible the post could be seen by someone who could put some pieces together and figure out who had their baby that day.

More importantly, you’ll never see us posting on social media about our clients because their story is not ours to tell. The story of their baby’s birth, the sweet new baby love, the struggles of the postpartum period—those moments belong to our clients, not us.

Sharing clients’ stories makes us the center of those stories—and that’s not the role of a professional labor or postpartum doula.

When you look back on your birth or postpartum period, we want you to remember feeling supported and heard. We want you to remember how you felt. But we don’t want you to remember your doula as the center of the event.

The story and the memories belong to your family.