Top 10 Experiences Gifts for Expectant and New Parents

Top Ten Gifts for New Parents, Gifts for Expectant Parents, What to Buy New Parents

Are you looking at a drawer overflowing with white 0-3 month onesies while your loving but persistent family members and friends text you asking you what you need for your baby? Or maybe you're reading this because the expectant parent you know already has it all--either because they're that attuned to detail or maybe it's not their first run at this baby thing. 

Regardless, we know what to buy for parents who have everything.

Instead of baby gear or clothes, consider gifting one of the following:

1) A coffee subscription

It's the gift of wakefulness that keeps on giving, day after day, month after month. A couple of our local favorites: Metric Coffee and Metropolis

2) An Audible subscription

Let's be real--becoming a parent means sitting down to read a bookis a thing of the past. While you're circling the block with your little sleep evading bundle, at least get some good reads in.\

3) A Postpartum Massage

Affiliate doula Amanda Herlihy can provide massage services in the comfort of your home, or check out Pulling Down the Moon for in-office massage.

4) Dinner

Homemade or premade, new parents appreciate it all. Check out Kitchfix and use code TCD2017 for $30 off your first order. Or, really give a gift that keeps on giving by setting up a Meal Train.

5) Postpartum Doula

New and seasoned parents alike can benefit from the expert support of a postpartum doula. A night of sleep or an opportunity for an uninterrupted nap during the day is precious.

6) Wine Subscription

Yep, they'll need it.

7) Baby Proofing

It'll be some time before the baby is crawling or walking, but having a professional come in and take care of all of the baby proofing can be a huge relief for new parents.

8) Babysitting

There's nothing like some good old-fashioned help for new parents, especially from a trusted friend or family member. Every couple is different in terms of when they're ready to have a date away from baby--for some its six weeks and others six months.

9) Photography

Documenting family memories is a gift that will be forever cherished. Bestow maternity or newborn photography upon the excited new parents.

10) Jeni's ice cream subscription

It goes well with wine!