5 Reasons Your Partner Will Love Having a Labor and Birth Doula


We say it all the time...doulas aren't just for the expectant woman, they're for partners too.

How can a doula can benefit husbands, wives, partners, sisters, mothers, friends, and soon to be co-parents?

Here's five ways:

1. A doula will enable your partner to enjoy the moment.

The birth of your baby is a special day--why not hire a professional so that your partner can have less stress and a more satisfying experience?

2. A doula will help keep your partner rested and fed.

In the heat of the moment, it can be tough for partners to remember to take care of themselves. At Chicago Birth & Baby, we're attuned to the needs of your partner and will remind them to catch a quick nap or have a snack.

3. A doula can provide reassurance to your partner when things start to get tough.

Your partner is acutely aware of the details happening in a way that you won't be when you're in the intensity of labor. What may just feel like really hard work to you might seem scary, unsafe, or abnormal to your partner.

4. Your partner's bond with your baby matters.

We believe (and studies show!) the importance of all support people having a close bond with the baby. Your doula will help to facilitate that bond from the very beginning, nurturing autonomy, empowerment, and confidence.

5. Your partner will be comfortable being as involved as they want to be.

Your partner wants to be in the tub to catch the baby? Cool, we'll help remind your provider of that. Your partner prefers to be in the waiting room until the baby is out? We can make that happen too. (Most of our clients are on the middle of that spectrum). To us, it's all normal, and we'll help your partner be more of him or herself on your baby's birthday.


Maura Winkler, found of Chicago Birth & Baby, is an RN, labor & postpartum doula, and board-certified lactation consultant.