Best Natural Diapers


Choosing the best natural diapers that are gentle for your baby's bottom and the environment can be overwhelming. We've got a short list from Chicago's expert postpartum doulas to get you on the right track.

Some of the "natural" diapers out there aren't really natural--but we'll picked the ones that are, and we'll tell you why.

The cute: Parasol Co

These adorable diapers designed by arist Ashley Goldberg are "as bright and vivid as parenthood itself."

Pros: These diapers carry a whole slew of important certifications that vouch for their kindness to the environment and safety for your baby--you can find the full list here. Parasol also boasts superior absorbency. They claim that their diapers are appropriate for both day and night, and I personally can vouch for their absorbency. My all-night-nurser seemed to soak these diapers to the max but we never noted any leaking. And, finally, what amazes me the most, they actually list their ingredients on the diaper package!

Cons: Unfortunately Parasol diapers aren't available locally, so some planning is required (you have to subscribe online). However, you can subscribe so that diapers and wipes arrive to your doorstep without much thought. They also have a super cool baby registry and gift option on their website.

The eco-friendly: Bambo Nature

Widely used in Europe, Bambo Nature diapers were one of the first eco-friendly options available.

Pros: More widely available that Parasol Co., Bambo Nature diapers can be found on Amazon with Prime shipping as well as select co-ops and natural food stores. While Whole Foods is not among these, you can find Bambo Nature diapers at Sugar Beet Co-Op in Oak Park. Bambo also seems to have a much more pronounced focus on the environment than some other natural baby brands.

Cons: Bambo doesn't talk much about the absorbency of their diapers on their website, but in our personal and professional experience, they hold up to the nighttime test! Likewise, it can be tough to find Bambo locally--but the Amazon prime availability is definitely a plus. They're also a little plain compared to some other brands.

The classic: Seventh Generation

Easy to find and made by a widely known eco-friendly brand, Seventh Generation diapers are a classic recently made cute.

Pros: Seventh Generation has a ton of variety--from "free & clear" diapers to training pants to overnight diapers to a "touch of cloth" option--and their diapers are easily found locally at Whole Foods as well as via Amazon Prime. They're also a more affordable option compared to other natural diapers.

Cons: Previously the Seventh Generation diapers were pretty plain, but more recently they've come out with some super cute patterns. The "greenness" of this diapers has been called into question at times, but its hard to say exactly what is true since they are a pretty reputable "green" company.


Maura Winkler is a nurse midwife, birth & postpartum doula, and founder of Chicago Birth & Baby and Buffalo Birth & Baby.