labor and postpartum doula Support

Unwavering support from pregnancy to postpartum, hospital to home, day and night, for your labor and birth to your recovery from childbirth and your baby's adjustment to life outside the womb.


Labor Support

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CHICAGO BIRTH & BABY KNOWs HOW IMPORTANT IT IS TO YOU to bond with your baby from the start.

Regardless of your plans for how your baby enters the world, and how those plans may evolve over time, you and your partner will receive completely non-judgmental support and education. 

You will be relaxed in knowing that your doula is available to you 24/7 as your due date approaches and rest assured that your doula will facilitate communication between you and your support people, your provider, and the hospital staff. 

Your transition from pregnancy to parenthood will be one of confidence and empowerment.


"I liked that there was no judgment.  There is no "wrong way" to bring a baby into the world, epidural or not, and I felt really supported and cared for by Amanda."

-Carol L.



  • Confidence: Just knowing a doula is by your side through pregnancy and labor can help you feel more prepared to handle labor or a cesarean. Chicago Birth & Baby's doulas are highly knowledgeable about pregnancy discomforts, the labor process, and postpartum recovery and will personalize their advice and support to your family's needs.
  • Collaboration: We know and respect Chicago hospitals and providers. We can help you to make the most of the short time you have with your provider at prenatal appointments as well as coach you on what you can expect from your chosen birth place. For our clients selecting to give birth at home, we can help them to prepare their home for the delivery or an unexpected hospital transfer.
  • Reassurance: Pregnancy and labor can be overwhelming. Your Chicago Birth & Baby doula can normalize the discomforts you are experience as well as provide emotional support for your partner through the experience. Your partner knows you and loves you, but will also benefit from support that day, and the role of a doula is distinct from that of your partner.
  • Satisfaction: When women and their partners feel that their choices belong to them during labor, they demonstrate satisfaction with the birth experience even if things did not go how they hoped.
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Postpartum Support

Preparing for life with baby can be overwhelming.You don't have to do it alone.

Your parenting philosophy is our parenting philosophy.  Chicago Birth & Baby ease the transition to welcoming a baby home for the entire family.  Our agency provides a full range of postpartum support twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.  Breast or bottle, one baby or multiples, co-sleeping or crib, you'll take confidence in knowing our doulas are knowledgeable and skilled in all aspects of your baby's adjustment outside the womb and your physical and emotional transition during the postpartum period.

Unwavering support from hospital to home, day and night, for your recovery from childbirth and your baby's adjustment to life outside the womb.


Day & Night Support

Chicago Birth & Baby will meet your needs for postpartum support twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. With a doula by your side, you will gain the confidence and skills to care for your baby and make important parenting decisions down the road.

As your doula supports you, you and your partner will notice a reduction in stress and an improvement in energy. Our professional expertise will enhance the bond you feel with your baby as you learn to juggle the demands of self care and new parenthood in those first days, weeks, and months with your baby. 

Support from a postpartum doula can include:

  • Feeding education (both breast and bottle/formula)
  • Maximizing sleep for the whole family
  • Streamlining newborn care, from diaper changes to dressing to bathing
  • Infant soothing techniques
  • Routines and schedules, particularly for multiples
  • Transitioning your preemie home
  • Recommendations for the latest and greatest in baby gear
  • Light housekeeping
  • Errands, including grocery shopping
  • Meal preparation
Postpartum support and live-in nurses in the Chicago area from Chicago Birth & Baby, Chicago's Best Midwife and Doula Agency

"From the hospital to postpartum help at home, she's made every step of new parenthood easier by virtue of her expertise and experience."

-Alexa P.


Live-in Doula

Overwhelmed by the prospect of venturing home with your tiny wonder?  Hire a 24/7 postpartum doula to support your every need in the early postpartum.  Chicago Birth & Baby offer fully customizable packages for live-in doulas.

You will trust that your doula will be able to answer your questions all hours of the day about newborn care, postpartum recovery, breastfeeding, and a wealth of other topics, or refer you to the individual that is the solution to your needs.


In-hospital support

It can be challenging to get all the support you need in the hospital. In-hospital postpartum doula support is perfect for a woman who has a planned or unplanned cesarean birth as well as women who have extended hospital stays or are re-admitted to the hospital with complications or prior health issues.  In-hospital support may also be appropriate for families who have a baby in the NICU and seek the support of a doula to keep the mother fed, hydrated, and comfortable as she undertakes the intense task of commuting to and from and spending long days in the NICU awaiting her baby's homecoming.

Pregnancy Support

Postpartum consultation

Schedule a postpartum consultation to help you set up your support team for after the baby arrives. Topics are tailored to your needs but can include:

  • Communication with your partner, family, and friends
  • Selecting a postpartum doula
  • Resources for infant feeding
  • Nursery design and baby care products

If you decide to hire a doula with Chicago Birth & Baby, half of your consult fee will be applied to your balance for services.

Birth Consultation

Interviews with Chicago Birth & Baby are complimentary, but if you're looking for more support than just getting to know a prospective doula, a birth consultation is to help you set up your support team for pregnancy & birth. Topics are tailored to your needs but can include:

  • selecting a provider and/or hospital
  • finding and hiring a doula
  • choosing a childbirth education course
  • communication with your partner about values & philosophies

If you decide to hire a doula with Chicago Birth & Baby, half of your consult fee will be applied to your balance for services.

Sometimes pregnancy can be more anxiety-provoking than you expected. High-risk medical conditions and twin, triplet, or higher order multiple pregnancies may require you to be on bedrest. Invite us into your home or hospital room to care for you and the people you love so that you can focus on growing a healthy baby. 


Fertility Support

Chicago Birth & Baby is Chicago's best doula agency for guiding your family through fertility treatments, adoption, or surrogacy. We support pregnant people carrying a surrogate pregnancy or choosing adoption as well as expectant families who are working with a surrogate or growing their family through adoption. 

Need help navigating your journey getting pregnant? Chicago Birth & Baby's support for you can begin when your baby is merely a thought.

We recognize how stressful infertility can be and are here to support you through your journey to making a baby.

With a doula by your side through medical visits and procedures, you will notice a significant decrease in anxiety levels, and you will have the confidence to ask questions about your plan of care. And we'll be there to celebrate with you when you determine the best way to grow your family.

In addition to doula support, we offer a wide range of additional services to help you prepare for life with baby and beyond.