Chicago Birth & Baby know how important it is to you to have a healthy, satisfying birth experience.

Regardless of your plans for how your baby enters the world, and how those plans may evolve over time, you and your partner will receive completely non-judgmental support and education.

You will be relaxed in knowing that your doula is available to you 24/7 as your due date approaches and rest assured that your doula will facilitate communication between you and your support people, your provider, and the hospital staff.

Your transition from pregnancy to parenthood will be one of confidence and empowerment.

Benefits of Doula Support

  • Confidence: Just knowing a doula is by your side through pregnancy and labor can help you feel more prepared to handle labor or a cesarean. Chicago Birth & Baby's doulas are highly knowledgeable about pregnancy discomforts, the labor process, and postpartum recovery and will personalize their advice and support to your family's needs.
  • Collaboration: We know and respect Chicago hospitals and providers. We can help you to make the most of the short time you have with your provider at prenatal appointments as well as coach you on what you can expect from your chosen birth place. For our clients selecting to give birth at home, we can help them to prepare their home for the delivery or an unexpected hospital transfer.
  • Reassurance: Pregnancy and labor can be overwhelming. Your Chicago Birth & Baby doula can normalize the discomforts you are experience as well as provide emotional support for your partner through the experience. Your partner knows you and loves you, but will also benefit from support that day, and the role of a doula is distinct from that of your partner.
  • Satisfaction: When women and their partners feel that their choices belong to them during labor, they demonstrate satisfaction with the birth experience even if things did not go how they hoped.